Behind the scenes

The topic ‘sexual inappropriate behaviour’ receives a lot of attention nowadays. Prevention education is mostly aimed at the perspective of the victim. Few attention is paid to the impact on a person’s social life or the responsibility taken by the people surrounding the victim. But what do adolescents think about this? It is assumed teenagers feel the need to talk about the topic of sexual behaviour. The people who work at Youth Group @Robert’s frequently receive questions from teenagers about issues concerning sexuality, porn, and sexting. These issues have become more prominent due to social media and the ability to stay anonymous online. Sexuality and identity are closely related. During adolescence, a time of discovering your own identity, it is essential for teenagers to receive proper sexual education. Consequently, it allows adolescents to discuss this topic together with could be beneficial for their personal development .


The conversations between the mentor and the students are the key elements of this movie. These provide input for the peer discussions that take place after the movie. The movie was recorded with a group of adolescents during a few weeks. The majority of the scenes were improvised. This setup was chosen, because we wanted the participants to reply spontaneously. This way we could stimulate natural reactions. Nevertheless, the players received instructions on the contents. The best results were selected for the final cut. These conversations are powerful and touching.


In total, we worked on the film for almost six years with about 25 teenagers. NUDES is a movie by Kees-Jan Mulder, Gerbert Floor and Robert Pruis, based on an idea by Robert Pruis.


Director and scenario:

Kees-Jan Mulder

Director of photography:

Gerbert Floor


Thomas Roos


Gerrit Jan ten Hove, Kees-Jan Mulder, Gerbert Floor

Sound design and mixing:

Morten Brogaard


Remco den Hollander

Focus puller:

Maruan Hassan


Koert van der Ploeg


Robert Pruis


Hidde van de Streek, Tirza Berends, Noëlle Lipke, Isabel de Vries, Erva Bayram, Younes el Hassani, Rhodé Alberts, Jedidja Muurling, Annemarie Koopman, Ali Sultan, Nini Huizinga en Olga Zuiderhoek

Motion graphics:


Web design:

Jan Willem Beijeman

End credits:


Poster design:

Pankra - Lucas Reinds


NUDES is a production of Stichting Jong Veluwe, PEERFILM and Zout Water, and was made possible with support from the province of Gelderland, Solcon and